Faculty of Technobiology UAJY Successfully Organizes 3rd International Seminar on Natural Resources Biotechnology: from Local to Global “Natural Resources Management for Community Welfare and Environmental Sustainability”

The 3rd International Seminar on Natural Resources Biotechnology (ISNRB) 2023 with the theme “Natural Resouces Management for Community Welfare and Enviromental Sustainability” is an international seminar held on September 14-15, 2023 at Campus Auditorium 2, Thomas Aquinas Building, Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta (UAJY). This conference is one of the agendas in the 33rd Anniversary celebrations of the Faculty of Technobiology, Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta (FTB UAJY). The theme was chosen to support the Laudato Si Movement promoted by UAJY. Dr. Nelsiani To’bungan, S.Pd, chaired the activity. M.Sc. aims to discuss the development of science and technology to support sustainable management of natural resources for the welfare of today’s society, as well as the next generation.

The implementation of ISNRB 2023 involved 6 invited speakers from various countries, namely Prof. Shun Hitora (Japan), Yuyun Lu, Ph.D., (Singapore), Prof. Rudy Agung Nugroho (Indonesia), Yasunari Sato (Japan), apt. Ines Septi Arsiningtyas, Ph.D., (Indonesia), and Racquel Tan Chua-Barcelo, Ph.D. (Philippines). This international seminar was attended by oral presenters, poster presenters, and participants (non-presenters) from Indonesia, India, Germany, Japan, and Thailand. This activity received support from the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology through the International Scientific Conference Assistance (BKII). ISNRB 2023 collaborates with the Indonesian Biology Consortium (KOBI), Rotho Laboratories Indonesia and PT Kairos Jaya Sejahtera. In addition, full paper manuscripts from participants presented at this event have the opportunity to be published in partner journals such as the Indonesian Journal of Biotechnology/IJBiotech (Scopus Q4), Biodjati Journal (SINTA 2), Journal of Food Technology and Industry/JTIP (SINTA 2), and BIOTA Journal of Life Sciences (SINTA 3).

The first day of activities began with an opening ceremony featuring traditional dances from the UAJY Dance Community. It was officially opened by Dr. G. Sri Nurhartanto, S.H., L.L.M, as rector of UAJY. In his speech, he said that “This international seminar is expected to find various interesting ideas in managing natural resources (SDA) well and can maintain the environment so that it is maintained and useful for the next generation with the help of existing scientific and technological developments”. Dr.rer.nat.Yuliana Reni Swasti, S.TP., M.P. (Lecturer of Food Technology Study Program, FTb UAJY) moderated the first-day material presentation from three keynote speakers, Prof. Shun Hitora on “3D Domain Swapping of Proteins: Basics and Application”, followed by Yuyun Lu, Ph.D., on “Dietary Organosulfur-Containing Compounds: Stability and Biological Activities”, and lastly by Prof. Rudy Agung Nugroho with the topic “Black Soldier Fly Larvae: Bioconversion, Bioprospecting and Its Sustainability”. Afterwards, participants entered parallel sessions held in three different rooms to follow the presentations of the oral presenters.

On the second day, the event was opened with the performance of the UAJY Choir then continued with the presentation of material by keynote speakers moderated by Monika Ruwaimana, Ph.D. (Lecturer of Biology Study Program, FTb UAJY). The three speakers in the session were Yasunari Sato with the topic “Basic Research and Product Application Focusing on The Homeostasis Maintenance Mechanism of The Skin”, followed by apt. Ines Septi Arsiningtyas, Ph.D. discussed “Small Steps on Bioprospecting Initiation of Natural Resources”, and ended by Racquel Tan Chua-Barcelo Ph. D with the topic “Role of Barangay Garden Plants during COVID-19 General Community Quarantine in Baguio City, Philippines”. After that, along with the parallel session, a poster presentation was also held, followed by the poster presenters. Poster presenters presented their respective research posters in front of the judges. The activity was closed with the distribution of door prizes, the announcement of the winners, namely the three best oral presenters and one best poster presenter, and a traditional dance performance from the UAJY Dance Community.


Author: ISNRB 2023 Publication and Documentation Team
First Editor: Pantalea Edelweiss Vitara, S.Si.
Second Editor: Dr. Nelsiani To’bungan, S.Pd., M.Sc.